Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The British have many fantastic traditional desserts that, unfortunately, many of us outside of the Isles haven't had the pleasure of tasting. 'Until now. We're going to talk about four terrific dessert recipes that are sure to have you drooling by the end of the article. They don't take much to make and are fairly easy to prepare. Hope you enjoy!

Lemon Curd

Ingredients: 3 large lemons 3 beaten egg yolks 4 oz butter 1 1/2 cups sugar

1. Wash the lemons well and grate the rinds. In a double boiler, squeeze and strain the lemon juice, then add grated peel, sugar, butter, and beaten egg yolks.

2. Cook on a medium heat, stirring continuously until the sugar and butter have thorouighly mixed. After about 5 minutes, the mixture should thicken well, but be sure not to let it boil.

3. When the mixture has become quite thick and creamy, pour it into a bowl and cover it. Let it cool a little before refrigerating.

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Ingredients: 4 large baking apples (aka granny smith) 6 sticks fresh rhubarb Cinnamon Caster sugar

1. Chop the rhubarb into 1 inch pieces and place in a bowl with a little water. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high for about 3 minutes or so. Remove from the microwave and allow to cool.

2. Peel the apples and cut them into 1/8 slices (remove core). Microwave using the same method and time as used for the rhubarb, adding a bit of cinnamon and sugar before microwaving (add as much or as little to suit your taste).

3. Mash the apples and place both the apples and the rhubarb in a large soufflé dish.

For the crumble:

4 oz plain flour Pinch of baking powder 2 oz unsalted butter Cinnamon

Mix together the flour, butter, and baking powder until it resembles a coarse meal. Pour over the apple and rhubarb and top with sprinkled cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees F for about 45 minutes (the top of the crumble should be golden brown). Serve hot with ice cream or single cream.

Banoffi Pie

Ingredients: 6 oz shortcrust pastry 12 oz double cream 1 (14 oz) can condensed milk 1/2 tsp instant coffee (powdered) 3 bananas 1 tsp caster sugar

1. Put the unopened can of condensed milk in a saucepan full of boiling water. Boil the milk in-can for at least 2 hours. (Be sure to replace the water as necessary)

2. When the milk is done, place it to the side to cool COMPLETELY. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

3. Line a 9 inch flan or pie pan with the pastry. Stab light pinpricks in the base of the pastry with a fork, then pop it in the oven to bake until crisp. Remove and allow to cool.

4. When the milk has cooled, open the can and stir. Pour over the pastry.

5. Peel each banana and slice it length-wise, then lay flat onto the condensed milk.

6. Whisk together the cream, instant coffee, and sugar in a large bowl. Once it has thickened, spread over the bananas, then place the pie in the refrigerator to chill.

Spotted Dick

Ingredients: 2 oz self raising flour 4 oz shredded suet (grated lard) 3 eggs 2 oz white breadcrumbs 8 oz currants 1/8 tsp salt 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1/8 teaspoon mace 1/2 grated nutmeg 1 oz whole candied peel, finely chopped Grated zest of 1 orange 3 tbsp brandy extract

1. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, suet, and breadcrumbs. Once blended, add the currants, salt, ginger, candied peel, nutmeg, mace, and orange zest. Mix well.

2. In a small steam-resistant bowl (ceramic is best), beat the eggs and brandy extract for about 5 minutes. Pack the bowl with the flour mixture then cover with wax paper and foil, tying it securely. Steam for four hours. (If steaming in a pot over the stove, be sure not to let the water boil dry!) Serve with custard or warm vanilla pudding.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pecans: Lose Exercising Weight with burned Pecan Nuts

Unanimous to the explores of medical and university surveys, it has been observed that roasted pecans have undeniable effects to the wellness of an person. But it is not only roasted pecan nuts that you get to obtain health benefits. It does not matter if the nuts are light or cooked, you will still be able to receive its virtual nutrients. When your diet plan includes pecans, you have a high risk of glowering down your cholesterol charge. Aside from this, studies show that these nuts highly consist of antioxidants, helping you washout off the toxins from your body. When it comes to the top ten food roots that are high in antioxidant, pecan nuts rank high. Early findings of reports also show that this nut assortment has properties that help fight off several cancer eccentrics.

Shake Off Extra Pounds with Pecans

If you want to Throw excess Free Weight, you can admit overdone nuts to your meals or snacks. reads show that this nut motley will help you lose Free Weight. After you have achieved your intended Weight, you can keep it this way by eating pecans. Eating baked pecan nuts aids in raising the grade of your metabolism. It keeps you feeling satisfied all the time. Adding burned pecans to your symmetrical diet everyday will help you lose Weight effectively. When you are feeling thirsty but you do not want to eat too much, you can just feed these nuts alternatively. One handful of pecans will offer you the energy to get on with your work until dinnertime.

Keep a Healthy Heart with baked Pecan Nuts

One of the gains that pecans furnish is lessening the risk of heart diseases. You will be able to maintain a healthy heart by eating cooked or clean nuts. This is because this nut supplies you with the unsaturated form of fats, which is also called "healthy cholesterol". Like lean meat, pecans are high in protein. The only conflict is that these nuts are healthy and does not lead to heart problems. deplete this nut assortment, rather than meat merchandises. These nuts are great improvers to your favorite recipes, especially to pies. You will be able to get more nutrients, when you consume severe or cooked pecans.

More Satisfying Salt-free Pecan Nuts

Pecans do not carry sodium. So you have no reason to worry about having to fill your body with salt. If you are advocated by your doctor to keep away from foods that are rich in salt, you can still deplete cooked or light pecan nuts. The marketplace sells different pecan productions, which are suitable for motley health needs of nut lovers. Since you cannot consume foods that contain sodium, you can opt for unseasoned pecans. You can either go for clean, burned, or candied nuts. No matter what the readiness is, you will still be able to get all the nutrients that you need from this nut kind. If you want to keep your health in moderate, opt for this specific nut species.

Whether you are looking for light or baked pecans, the best place to look for them is on the Internet. One site that sells different preparation typecasts of this nut motley is Tanner's Pecans and Candies, where you can also buy pies and cakes that hold the nuts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Have you been into a barbecue restaurant in Texas? Already tasted the Texas barbecue? If so, then great for you! But, for those who have never been there or have never been tasted the specialty of Texas, it's now time for you to know what makes the Texas barbecue a popular hit.

Many people are asking what a Texas barbecue really is. Well, based on what I have read from a number of sources, the Texas barbecue is actually a pile of beef brisket that is sliced, with a German-style sausage and meaty ribs. It is also prepared with a piquant sauce made from tomato that is typically spooned over the meat or place on the side for the diners to apply to their own Texas barbeque pieces.

The Texas barbeque has long been considered as a distinct tradition of the entire state. It has been prepared and served for the guests in almost every occasion. But, according to some records, the traditional all started and evolved from a convergence of events in the second half of the 19th century. The influence can be traced back to the time when the refugees from the Civil War came to Texas to look for a new beginning and a new land to dwell. They are the ones who brought their recipes and cooking styles along which later on influenced the cooking style of the early Texans.

Germans and Czechs also started to come in bringing with them their experiences in making sausages and smoking meats. From that period, the number of cattle in the area was increased and with more than a hundred years of refinement, such influence has resulted in today's reputation of Texas barbecue - something that is not only delicious, but is worthy of pride and celebration.

Today, many of the establishments in Texas prepare the Texas barbecue with much focus on the food preparation and the quality of their product. Perhaps an important evidence to support this meticulous preparation of the Texas barbecue is that most of the respected barbecue stores throughout the state serve their Texas barbecue on butcher paper, with plastic utensils and paper towels. There are some barbecue stores also that offer deliveries for those who wish to avail it. The barbecues are typically delivered to your doorstep as fresh and wholesome as some of the finest restaurants in the state prepare it. They are usually vacuum-packed to lock all the aroma and flavor in, thus maintaining the delicious taste of the Texas barbecue. What's more interesting to know about the way the Texas barbecue is offered and served is that most are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration with the use of the highest standards available. This means that the Texas barbecue are prepared and served the way it should be served - fresh, tender, and yummy. by Jaden Santon